Needing a house clearance and not sure where to start? Read some of our FAQs below to give you a better understanding about house clearance, and the services we provide.

Do house clearance take everything?

Yes! We remove absolutely everything from a property, the only thing we can’t remove is paint.

What we can remove for FREE, whilst other firms charge for this service:

  • Carpets & underlay
  • White Goods
  • Garage contents
  • Shed contents
  • Loft contents
  • Vehicles
How do I arrange my house clearance?

It’s easy!

Theres a few simple steps to get you on your way

  • The first step is to contact us
  • Give us a small amount of info e.g. property location, how many bedrooms, is it a full house clearance etc.
  • We will then give you a reasonable quote which will NOT change
  • We can arrange a date that works best for you
  • We will send you email confirmation of your house clearance booking, containing the date, address of the clearance, time, and price
  • The clearance will begin at 9am on the day of your appointment
How long does it take to clear a house?

Every house is different, a standard three-bedroom house should take between 2-4 hours, whereas a mansion or hoarded house could take up to a week to clear.

When our team arrive to carry out the clearance, they will be able to give you an estimate time frame of how long it will take.

Are you registered with the Environment agency?


We are fully registered with the UK environment agency, and all our teams carry their own waste carriers licences.

You can ask the team on the day to see their licence, or you can request a copy prior to the clearance – we will be more than happy to send a copy to you.

Do you recycle?


We are huge believers in reuse and recycle, and we aim to recycle at least 97% of household contents.

How do we do this?

  • We donate at least 50% of household contents to local charities
  • All in date and sealed food will be donated to the local food banks after every job
  • What the charities won’t take, we give to those who are in need by offering these items FREE on our Facebook page.
  • We donate all bedding, towels, old clothing, cushions, curtains, rugs, bathmats, teddies, pet beds, pet food, pet accessories etc to local cat and dog shelters
  • We do live giveaways on our Facebook page if we find new items – these items range from gift sets to new washing machines
What happens to all the rubbish?

We used licenced recycling centres to dispose of the literal rubbish from house clearance, whereas the rest we donate, recycle, reuse, or sell.

Can you clean the property afterwards?


We offer a one-off deep clean which is done on the same day as the clearance.

If you forget to mention this when booking your clearance, be sure to tell the team on the day as they always have cleaning kits on their vans, and will be able to still do it for you.

I don’t live near the property, can you help?


  • We can collect and return keys from a solicitor, neighbour, estate agents, family member etc
  • You can post the keys to our head office, and we will post them back to you once the clearance is finished.
  • We can collect keys from a key safe, and place them back when we are done.

If you are not present for the clearance, we will be sure to send you photographs via email of the empty property once cleared, we will also email you your invoice and receipt.

If our teams find any valuable items, they will let you know straight away, and if you decide, they can post them to you FREE of charge.

Can you disconnect the white goods?

Yes! This is a Free service that we offer, one less thing for you to worry about!

What happens to personal paperwork?

We don’t want your personal paperwork falling into the wrong hands.

We dispose of these kinds of sensitive material at industrial shredders for you.

We offer this service FREE with your house clearance.

What happens if you find something valuable?

Whilst our teams are clearing, they often find valuable items amongst the house contents, if you are at the property, the team will hand it in straight away, if you are not present, the team will keep a box separate for you to give to you when you return, or, if you are not present all together, we can arrange to post them to you FREE of charge, or leave them in the property for you to collect.

Can I pop out whilst the house clearance is happening?


We understand that sometimes house clearance can be difficult if the house belonged to one of your family members, it’s often a sensitive situation.

The team will phone you half an hour before they are finished the clearance, to give you notice to return to the property to have a look around and lock up.

Can you guarantee to clear the whole property?


Absolutely, even if the clearance takes more than one day, the team will always accommodate you!

Can you clear a hoarded house?


We specialise in clearing hoarded and cluttered houses and estates.

We do prefer to come and view the property first or you can send us photographs, just to give us a rough idea of how long the clearance will take.

Sometimes it takes longer to clear a hoarded house than expected, we always make sure to leave a few days open for you just in case.

What payment methods do you accept?

We do not accept payment upfront, and will only take payment at the end of the day.

The team will give you an invoice for your records once the clearance is finished.

We accept:

  • Bank transfer
  • Visa debit
  • Credit card
  • Cash
What size vans do you use?

We use the LARGEST luton furniture van of its type to ensure that the house is cleared for you.

FAQs - our vans

What FREE services are included?
  • Piano removal
  • Vehicle removal
  • Carpets & Underlay removal
  • Appliance disconnection
  • Appliance removal
  • Mattress removal
  • Loft clearance
  • Garage clearance
  • Shed clearance

Most companies charge for these services, they are absolutely FREE with your house clearance.

How much notice do you require?

We usually only require 24-48 hours notice.

Will I be charged if I cancel?

No! If you wish to cancel, please give us 24 hours notice where possible.

How many staff members will arrive?

For a standard clearance we will send three team members with one luton van.

If it’s a mansion or estate clearance, we will send six team members with 2 luton vans.

Do you charge VAT?

Yes! We are a VAT registered company, and the current VAT rate is 20%

There are items that I need found, can you help?

Yes! We offer a FREE search and find service

If you give us or our team a list of items needing to be found, they will do so whilst clearing the property.

Should I pack anything prior to the team’s arrival?

No! We prefer it if you don’t pack anything so that our team can box up and label the contents that can be donated to charity.

You don’t need to do anything prior to the team arriving, they will do everything for you.

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A few of the charities we donate to:

Name: Oakhaven Hospice Trust

Click here to view their website

Name: Lewis Manning Hospice Shop

Click here to view their website

Name: Dorset Blind Association

Click here to view their website

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